Training and Qualifications

A recognised degree or equivalent qualification in nutrition, dietetics or a related scientific subject is usually a minimum requirement to work as a nutritionist in industry. Where there is significant contact with dietitians or a need for understanding clinical issues State Registration in Dietetics may be required. To work in research, postgraduate qualifications are usually important.

Other training in areas such as computing, presentation and communication skills, team working, project management, commercial awareness and media are often desirable but not essential at the start of a job but become useful tools in career progression.

Nutritionists in Industry Networking Group

At present the group has over 100 members from 50 different organisations. Three formal meetings are held per year and include presentations by external speakers on relevant topics, as well as an opportunity to catch up on general industry issues.
There is a contact list of all our members – often a good starting point for information or advice from others and particularly useful for anyone working as a single handed nutritionist.

Many members of the group belong to The British Dietetic Association and The Association for Nutrition, therefore links with these two organisations have been established and there are plans to continue building these relationships to mutual benefit.

As a group there is also a focus on developing the profession by improving links with the training colleges and universities and helping to establish more student placements and liaison.